Using The Free Google Analytics Tool For Keyword Research Benefits



Getting a website high on the organic search results list can be a huge advantage for your company, but the problem right now is getting your site there?

You might already have some insight into using keywords, but it’s absolutely critical to get your website to the first page of search results if you want to be successful.



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When dealing with your website’s keywords, there are two things to remember.


  1. Relevance – search engines, meaning the Google, are lots more intelligent than they used to be, so merely putting a bunch of keywords on your site won’t get you the top ratings anymore, and may even get you penalties.

Keywords should really be constructively incorporated into your pages.



2. The phrases themselves

Although your site’s keywords might be very clear, you might not even attract the right consumer.



For example, if you run a site selling tropical fish supplies, you’ll likely get several visits from people who want to buy certain types of tropical fish and people just researching the tropical fish hobby.


Hits from individuals not interested in your products, ie: “tropical fish supplies” will still push your data costs up and possibly irritate potential customers because they are not finding what they googled..



How can you identify keywords to increase the number of relevant hits on your website?




keyword research benefits



One resource to help your quest for appropriate keywords is Google Analytics


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Via this free tool, you can monitor what people are looking for when they arrive at your site.


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It will tell you what search strings customers use to reach your site and if your keywords accurately reflect those queries.



When you find that most consumers who arrive at your site are simply searching for a similar product or something entirely different, it’s time to rethink and revise!


Maybe write up some new articles that relate closer to what you are actually selling.



There are tools out there to help boost your keyword strength.



Spyfu is one of these and the one I use. You can not only analyze your website’s performance in terms of its potential to get top search engine results, you can also analyze the competition.


Moving to the top of Google is one way to a competitive advantage.


People who use Google, Bing and Yahoo are indeed searching for you.


When you can make it much easier for them, you’ll have a potential audience waiting for you and your services.