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“Wow,” may very well be your reaction to the quaint city of North Port. A mostly residential city displaying affordable housing, it also boasts many natural resources for fun and enjoyment.

Perhaps one of the most popular attractions is the warm mineral springs.

Additionally, there are many canals and a river for the water enthusiast.

While North Port maintains a smaller population than the surrounding larger cities, it offers plenty to do and see.

From golf courses to walking trails, there is something for everyone.

 A cursory glance at the online governmental presence, quickly demonstrates the city’s positive view of businesses. Many incentives are present for any new and existing establishment. A welcome mat awaits you and your business, whether old or new!


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Doing Business In North Port

 With an increasing population (20.3% in the last decade) and a 3.9% lower cost of living than the national average, North Port offers available discretionary income for its residents.

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Named as the second safest city in Florida (December 5, 2017) by and a welcoming environment, positivity for businesses arises on the horizon.

Now is the time to consider this gem of a location for your new business or an upgrade or expansion to your existing company. Let us help you with the online aspect of your operation.

Business resources in North Port, Florida

The following resources are helpful for starting and maintaining a business in North Port.


  • City of North Port – This official site for the city has news, events, government, and business information. The business link includes steps to starting a business in North Port, including links to many free resources.

  • Chamber of Commerce – Always a great stop for any business, the chamber of commerce offers many resources and guides to carrying out business in the city.

  • North Port City Data – All the demographic and statistical information you could want about the city. This site includes information about housing, schools, public utilities, crime, fire and economic facts. It compares information for the last decade.

  • Sarasota County – The official site for the county is a helpful place to visit to ascertain the latest developments at the county level. Businesses are always affected by the workings of the county. You can stay informed here.