Let’s Look At Ways A Website Can Help Your Micro Business



A well thought out and well designed WordPress site is essential. Even of greater importance though, you have complete control over all things people see on the site and how the overall site is perceived.

And using tools like Google analytics and Facebook pixels you can view where your clients log in from, what pages they look at, at what time and how long they stayed on your site.

All useful measurements for your marketing efforts.



With a website you can control how your company is perceived online.

And your website gains more trust from google as people visit it.

Hopefully that, along with some SEO  will help your site rise in the search results.

People give more credit to companies with websites.




Most competition you will face these days is online.

You need an online presence of some sort, even if it is just a Social Media page.



Although some companies do still use billboards, radio and tv ads, the vast majority of people use the internet to search for something they need.

They will get a long list of websites in a fraction of a second, from news sites to large eCommerce sites like Amazon.

Online marketing has changed the face of business like nothing ever before it.

But again if you don’t have a website then you are missing out on loads of people needing the service that you sell.